Sofware for the QHSE Manager

Sofware for the QHSE Manager

Our QHSE module helps you build an effective quality and safety program, focusing on your company’s unique requirements.

Risk Register Software for QHAE Managers

Create a Risk Register

Having a QHSE strategy that is aligned and links to the organisation’s overall strategic direction is key to the success of your QHSE implementation.

Using our solution, you can link the management’s requirement to your QHSE strategy.

Our solution makes it easy to create a risk register for your organisation that can easily be shared with management.

You can create an action plan against each risk and ensure that you have a QHSE strategy that works for you and the wider organisation.

Call us if you want to track your organisation's risks.

Create a Culture of Compliance Technology

Create a Culture of Compliance

With our QHSE solution you can conduct internal audits and checkpoint inspections are a breeze.

Combined, these two activities are great measures of how your QHSE processes are operating.

You work hard on these processes; our software makes sure that people comply with them effectively.

Through auditing continuously, you can create a culture of safety without interfering too much with the daily activities of your organisation’s staff.

Call us if you want to create a culture of compliance.

Track and log Incidents Software for the QHSE Manager

Log, Track and Review Incidents

Incidents will happen. Being able to easily track not just injuries and illnesses, but also near misses, transportation mishaps and related environmental incidents is just good practice for a professional QHSE manager.

Our incident tracking solution allows you to identify, track and record incidents.

Our solution allows you to root cause why an incident occurred so it doesn’t happen again.

Our solution uses smart NFC tags to make it a breeze for everyone in the organisation to log incidents.

Call us if you want to see how your business can benefit from an incident register.

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