Software for Risk Managers

Software for Risk Managers

Our solution helps risk managers build an effective risk program, focusing on your company’s unique requirements.

Risk Register Software for Risk Managers

Online Risk Register

The speed of information exchange is elevating the need for more robust risk oversight.

This is where an online risk register like our risk management solution comes in. Having an up-to-date risk register for different response strategies, which you can identify in advance, helps you to respond to risk issues and diffuse some of the adverse effects on a timely basis.

Developing an action plan and vetting its effectiveness, pays significant dividends when looking to mitigate risk.

Call us if you want to create a risk register.

Risk Management Software for Risk Managers

Share your Risk Register

Using Excel to manage likelihood, impact, inherent and residual risks, risk appetite and risk tolerances has become commonplace among risk management leaders.

This has created a bottle neck for many organisations as Excel based risk registers may not be shared or understood by others in the business.

Using our Risk Management software, it is not only easy to maintain a risk register you can also get other senior managers involved in the creation and maintenance of you risk register.

Call us if you want to make it easy to share your Risk Register.

Action Plan Software for Risk Managers

Mitigating Action Plan

Geopolitical events, cyber threats, disruptive innovation, regulatory shifts and changing social demographics represent just a sample of issues that may trigger significant risks for an organisation.

Having a robust risk management software solution to manage your action plan is key to your role.

Our action plan software allows you to create, track and manage actions that can help mitigate any risk.

In many situations, the number of actions that need to be taken to accurately mitigate a risk’s likelihood or impact is enormous. This is where a good risk management software is key. Not only to record but also track all mitigating actions throughout the organisation.

Call us if you want to see how your business can benefit from sofware to mitigate risks.

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