IoT and NFC Solutions

IoT and NFC Solutions

Automate your environment, from smart asset management using NFC to vehicle tracking.

Use Mobile Electronic Devices to Reduce Paperwork

Everything is going digital so should your business. Move away from paper and start using electronic devices.

Call us if you want to see how your business can move from paper to digital.

Connect Your Physical Environment to Your Office

Using NFC Tags (Near Field Communication) you can connect physical items to a database. At New-Avenue we build solutions that allow you to scan NFC tags for rooms, equipment, loyalty cards and more.

Call us if you want to see how NFC can help your business.

Track Anything and Everything

Using electronic sensors you can collect any type of data such as temperature, pressure, humidity or to check how many people accessed an area.

Call us to see how you can implement IoT in your company.

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